Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wedding Wednesday- Pinterest

Today's Wedding Wednesday post is about this fun new service Pinterest that is a great way to virtually pin items you like onto inspiration boards. it is GENIUS! I was utilizing Tumblr to do this recently but this site is so easy and fun to use that I think it is something that everyone who gets online a lot for reference should use. Ours is linked to our twitter, but you can link yours to your Facebook too.
Anyway, while I am searching for all things bridal it seems now-a-days I am coming across a lot of awesome items to share.  I thought for Wedding Wednesday I would share with you my wedding boards and you can see if Pinterest is for you.  Check ours out HERE

 I really liked this display yesterday at the Hilton in Beverly Hills last night. I wanted to note it for an amazing way to bring in some height for a white wedding.

Every Wednesday I am going to post an Etsy Wedding Treasury and to kick it off I decided on two different themes:

Put A Bird On It for Weddings

Off to keep working on projects~


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