Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How-To's Day: Confetti Heart Valentine's Day Card

Teaser for the Card-
This How-To: is on making Confetti Hearts the highlight on this fun Valentine's Day Card. There is a ton of stuff that comes in little plastic packaging and here is a fun way to make use of it! This post is just a quick idea to use up some fun scraps and supplies. 

These tiny paper hearts are collected from one of our paper punches. We don't aggressively make them, they are leftover from punching edging with one of my favorite punches.
Just even using a fun punch on plain paper can create some nice blank cards to share the love this February. There is another cute option below that is a romantic spin on a doily edge.

Using any size paper or existing card you have trace or free hand draw a heart on the inside of the cover.  Drawing on the inside will not be see on the card front.  You may have a punch or a heart stencil that you can cut around, but I like the plain 'ol fashion super sharp, precise, tiny scissors. 

Once you have your heart shape cut from the card, use any type of adhesive you prefer  to outline the inside of the card. This will hold the plastic with the confetti in place.

Cut a scrap large enough to cover the back of the confetti.  I ran my scrap quickly threw a sticker making machine to put adhesive on the backside evenly.  This can leave the plastic a little cloudy if you are using a different kind of adhesive to attach the rectangle.  The important parts are around the edges so make sure to glue those for sure!
Below is the inside of my Valentine. I covered the whole page because I had a piece of wonderfully amazing scrap paper perfect for the job!  Best part, the solid color purple makes a wonderful accent color for the anti- red and pink only Valentine's as shown above.

For those tech savvy folks who want to send a Valentine but don't want to seem over personal or lovey to a passing co-worker, send a fun picture over a text or e-mail a Polaroid camera style picture passing your friend their Valentine :)

I seriously need to work on my dress for the Visual Effects Society Awards next Tuesday.  I haven't even cut it out yet... Must run!


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