Wednesday, November 3, 2010

*wow* Updated/ Wrap-Up

(Sunday I started writing up this blog post.  I was started having a tickle cough and it progressed super quickly into the flu and I wasn't able to post it...)

Early afternoon I started to get that horrid cough where it tickles constantly and the gut-wrenching cough has granted me the sexy, raspy voice, ordeal.  I wish you could feel good enough to utilize the deep, sexy voice- alas, good thing there is no talking in blogging!  

The worst part about getting sick right now is I had high hopes for the week.  Kevin just wrapped Tron so he is home all week before rolling onto the next project.  I am super excited that we can get the bulk of our work done this week because we don't have too much more time until Christmas!

Last week I couldn't bring myself to get anything done. I have gotten to the point where I don't beat myself up over not checking off everything on my to-do list.  I have always had the perfectionist/pleaser mentality, now thankfully I have figured out a way to not have it cripple me.  In a weird way I am happy that I have had limitations within my shoulder restrictions because it made me have to prioritize things and kinda chill out. Unfortunately, the difference between "chill out"and "sick as a dog" are huge and I was totally not prepared to get this sick :(

I am feeling better now and have started to dig deep through my e-mails and I am starting to bounce back.  Kevin was able to get some medicine when he took me to the doctor which was good because he started to feel a bit bad today, but he rested some. Gosh! Life, right? Best, XO

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