Friday, October 22, 2010

MOO Orders

Super EXCITED that our Moo Order finally came in!!! 

We ordered their amazing business cards and some of the brand-new sticker books!  Moo is a go to source for business cards especially if you would like to feature an image or picture of your items on the cards.  They are very responsible with their paper choices.  We chose the 100% recycled paper option, which is doubly awesome because the paper plant is wind-powered too! Even the regular printing is all from sustainable  forests to where choosing these Moo cards you already are making a smart decision ;)

My guilty pleasure that I can't wait to use are the new sticker books you can make on their site too.  The finishing on the stickers are so awesome that I am almost tempted to treasure them instead of using them. But, I am looking forward to using them to decorate our Etsy sales threw the holidays!  Super excited that my impulse buy has really paid off :)

Off to go to the The Unique LA & Apartment 3 Store Opening at H.D. Buttercup... Will share details soon-

1 comment:

  1. I chose to purchase my cards from Print Peppermint because they are cheap but their products are top quality. You can choose from their groovy and creative designs or you can put your own. Either way, you’ll have an excellent business card if you purchase it from them.


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