Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Agenda for now until the Holidays

I had a lot of break through moments pre-flu last week.  I had always held some thought into how at some point I would fall off the bandwagon and slow my blogging. Last week was really hard for me and I questioned constantly why I jumped back into blogging and thought I was super woman again so quickly after surgery???   I guess I just had to try to do everything I could to regain normalcy.  Unfortunately, this isn't something I should and will rush.  I really take Make Shop Live seriously and when ever possible I will work on it.  I am not trying to have this blog rule my life though. I like it more as a process documentation that's a fun record for all my friends and inspiration to others.

I am really want to include a structure to my blog with certain content geared on specific days and continue chronicling my process- Thanks for staying patient and following the blog.  We are about to have a super exciting *SALE* and some fun and important info to share for the Holidays Shows.
For right now on the tight Holiday time frame I will be blogging mostly  about fun insights and helpful hints.  Also coming is process of making the displays for our UNIQUE LA booth as well as maximize the rest of the Holiday season on Etsy while participating in their Holiday  Boot Camp.

I'd love any comments or feedback-

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