Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up and Patchwork Long Beach

 We had a WONDERFUL weekend!!! Yesterday the weather held out.  The sun came out.  And besides the harsh and extreme winds, everything went with out a hitch!

The REINBEERS fended well with the wind and proved to be a show stopper as always. We got a TON of Miller Lite requests...  If there are any readers who drink Miller Lite or any friends that want to come over and drink it while we make REINBEERS, please let me know- We can even issue some coupon codes for our Etsy shop in exchange for your cans.

We had some new items that were highlighted at Patchwork.  *New* for the Holidays:
  • Large DIY Kits with +100 pieces for projects, embellishments, and flourishes for all kinds of fun.
  • "Solid Gold Goes to Hollywood" larger than life sized postcards.
  • Solid Gold Sticker Packs
We will be getting these *new* items and more selections of our items on Etsy soon.  There is still a lot of REINBEERS to be made, and the paper rosettes/ Holiday setup for UNIQUE need to be prepped first. 

OHHHH and My Other LOVE that has changed my life this week for Thanksgiving-
NATIVE FOODS JUST OPENED BY MY HOUSE!!! YUMMY :)  I have been excited to change my diet and add some extra activity to my life, and going vegan again makes sense.  How great that my favorite Vegan restaurant that was RFF (Real F'ing Far) is now by our place in Culver City.  It's so close I can get the watermelon drink whenever I'd like!!! Best part is they are having a Thanksgiving Dinner so I don't have to worry about trying to get a big dinner together and can rest my arm :)  
*My neighborhood just granted me everything I could wish for and more*

I have an appointment with the orthopedist today, and I will find out if I get any more physical therapy.  I really hope I can keep working on it because it is still pretty gnarly.  The good part is, it is doing WAY better. Yesterday was exciting to have been out all day and still up for a birthday party afterward.  Hopefully I can feel normal near the New Year!

Wish me luck!

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