Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Stop Motion Videos

I have creative ADD and when I see something new and cool I really want to stop everything and try out new things.  It really makes me look forward to the time after the Holidays when we can play around and test out new ideas.  

Yesterday a friend and I were talking about our love of Michel Gondry and how we would love to work for his studio. Kevin and I have always been a huge fans of miniatures and are total fans of stop motion videos too.  Maybe after the Holidays we can get some fun stop motion videos on the blog featuring our processes soon.  

Here is one I saw that is super cute for World’s Smallest Postal Service:


Any suggestions or ideas for a theme?  I have been thinking of doing a time lapsed  video of our Unique set-up but we are still looking to borrow a camera...  Maybe we can get one before the Holidays.  

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