Thursday, September 9, 2010

Technology Here I come!

I am starting to figure out a bit more on my phone, which is super exciting... But it is really making me want to create apps.  Now, I am sure I could get a book like my dad and suddenly try to teach myself android programing language... but seriously that is never going to happen.  I figure- why not just kinda sketch out the perimeters and maybe some followers and friends know someone who knows someone, then I can get my app :)  I may not make any money out of the process but if I could get a free app and a shout out; I am down.  I will post some app brainstorming from here on-
Some things I am trying to tackle currently is that my old phone I could have multiple yahoo email addresses listed out and I could manage all of them separately from one interface. This however is not possible for my skill base thus far on the phone.  It might be that the EVO is all about Google and it doesn't like that I Yahoo- but that's just tech prejudice if that's the case.  

Right now I am totally stumped too because I am having a ridiculous time sharing pictures that I take from different photo software/apps.  I am now dropping things off into a "mobile uploads" section of our Flickr because that is the only thing right now that my phone likes :/

I wanted to give a big shout out to all our Friends and Fans that have been keeping up with us!  Thanks for being patient as I figure out the best way to manage all of the blogs and photos :)  If you use Droid/Android 2.2 Apps and have any recommendations OR if you have any incite on using Blogger on the go please send them our way!!!


*Technology Here I come!...*

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