Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This Week Sept. 7th- Sept. 12th

This Sunday, September 12th we will be a vendor at the Fall Equinox Folk Music Festival

This will be the last event we partake in before my upcoming surgery and our hiatus before the Holiday season swings into full gear.  
Right now, I am in full blown cleaning mode trying to gear up for my Dad and Kevin's Mom coming to help out during the recovery.  Between all these last to-do's on my list and making some last minute items for Equinox I am swamped.  I am trying to see if I can catch up with some friends I used to work with since the wake wasn't a place to catchup, but I am not even sure If I will have time to socialize-  I know my fabulous friend that passed would make the time to hangout so I am making that a high priority in his memory.  Please understand if the blog gets skimpy, there is only so many hours in the day...

I have gotten together our Etsy sales from this weekend and going to the post office the day after the Holiday might free up some on the go blogging time- ughhhh post office lines!

If you haven't checked out my personal photo blog please stay in touch via this one too- It is a lot of reblogs and images for inspiration. I try to go threw the blogs I am following and recirculate it daily.

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