Thursday, September 9, 2010

Coffee= Project

A bit ago I found this Coffee at Trader Joe's.  We broke our coffee pot right at the start of the Instant Coffee Craze (Starbucks tried to start it up... Who knows if it is a real craze or not)
ANYWAY, I found this coffee at Trader Joe's and the price-point was amazing.  The coffee is my 2nd  favorite part, once home I came up with multitudes of ideas to utilize the actual recycled Jar.  Unfortunately, I found out a couple of months ago that Trader Joe's is discontinuing this kind and replacing it with a similar item.  That's cool, but can you please keep the jar?  I have been hoarding and stockpiling these jars for our *New* Sewing Jars that will be available for purchase this Holiday season :)

I found one TJ in the Westside Village area which is the only one to carry this coffee.  It was hilarious buying 7 jars of coffee today-lol.  We'll see if there is more left when I finish this bundle.  I hope so, because I have friends on the wait list that would be sad to miss out-

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