Friday, September 10, 2010


I just found out about ReFind Originals, and I wanted to jot down a quick post of why I like them.  I get updates from Inhabitat with a style section called EcouterreThere is a wonderful giveaway for a fab purse- You should enter and see if the winner could be you :) 

1st, This Butterscotch Shoulder Bag that is amazing!!! Based out of Indianapolis ReFind Originals' creator Anita Hopper makes amazing, luxurious fashion forward purses.  She gets her materials mostly from re-purposed leather and other apparel fabric. 
2nd, ReFind Originals mission and processes is committed to using recycled materials in the creation of every handbag that bears its name. 

I really love it when a company or an artist does their part to make a difference in the world.  You can rest assured when choosing one of their bags that you are reducing waste while reusing beautiful materials.  Double bonus for her recycling them into refined and unique purses and handbags!  I'll keep you posted if I get the privilege to try them out in person- I am giving Kevin the info for present ideas ;)

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  1. Love your blog, KC, and thanks for including ReFind Originals today!


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