Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Share Your Dreams for New Etsy Tools"

I posted earlier about how my new phone has been making me think about app designing, and Etsy has called for "Share Your Dreams for New Etsy Tools" and here are some apps and features I would love added to Etsy.

Here is what I would love my Idea of “Etsy for Mobile” or the basic mobile Interface to be like. Please don't forget us "anti-Iphone" Droid users preferably Android 2.2 (since that’s what I use).  It has an icon for: Your Etsy, Conversations, Photos, For Sale, Advanced Search, and My Favorites. 

PHOTO FEATURE: Could be presented as a photo album of items sold/ made by artist that is included in Public Profile. Main feature of this photo idea would be that its a “holding place” to select photos from when selecting pictures to use for listing items. Photos get saved and cataloged within Etsy so that you don’t have to dig threw for a previous picture you have used before within this album and there could be a notation for if the item is sold/ front page/ Storque so that customers could link to shop via images too. 

ANOTHER thought to this photo library is to make it so that you can upload pictures from your phone directly to the interface to utilize them in the “Your Images” for listing. When I spoke with some Etsy Administrators at the Etsy MeetUp in Los Angeles we briefly talked about a “Batch Listing Tool.” 

Maybe I am pitching something that is in the works… But, I would also love a feature that I could copy the info over when listing multiple items with the same info but different pictures. This way people who make “Themed” or “Batched” One-of-a-kind items could list efficiently and quickly a short run of products. Along this thought, I have listed items where I have multiples in stock and I don’t want to re-list EVERYTHING when re-listing and would like to refresh/ re-list one or a few… once I set it up as having multiple in-stock I would have to re-list everything individually to break it up. 

SAVE FOR LATER or some sort of save point for in progress listing would be awesome! I like the new Sales Tax feature- I am glad I don't have to do that by hand or re-send invoices out. Can there be something that you can check off or manage for Shop Sales- like 15% off or BOGO kinda things? That would be cool. Or Is Etsy ever going to have Etsy Bucks where they could be gift certificates for shops? That would be super cool too. Hmmmmmmm. I think that would make my life if someone actually addresses these needs in some apps! Then I would never be stuck only at the computer. :)

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