Wednesday, September 15, 2010

*New* Embroidery Wall Hanging

All week we have been cleaning and prepping for our parents visit :) I can't believe my Dad comes in this weekend!!!

It is super great to gear up everything for EQUINOX that we went to on Sunday.  It was perfect timing to get everything in its "home" and organize some.  The best part about gearing up for my surgery and our parents coming is checking off things in our to-do list off :)  How great is that, right?!?! My favorite feeling ever is getting things done! 

This picture I wish I had snapped some before and after shots, but alas- none.  I found this frame at Goodwill and spray painted it my favorite color blue.  During the process of going threw some of my "keeper boxes" from college is I found some old projects mostly done but not finished.  My worst, worst trait is for years I started projects and I would leave them unfinished.  I dunno what my hang-up was, but I would get to the last steps and never pull the trigger.  I feel like recently I have been liberated within my process and I don't second guess anymore... I just plan and commit.

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