Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I am super sore today so I'll be short and sweet ;)  I haven't been able to prep as much as I wanted to for this weekend because I have found myself going back and tying up some loose ends on my displays and info within the merchandising.  There is a different amount of packaging and details needed for all different venues and I have been testing and trying out all kinds of new ways to put the finishing touches on everything.

One thing I am super excited about is these great mini envelopes that are perfect for enclosure cards or to put a finishing touch on your business cards.  These would be perfect for gifts, parties, Etsy sales, and marketing packages.

So far I have been using donated calender pages, pieces of maps, and other smaller pieces of scrap paper.

Also, here is a fun spread of all the great results from yesterdays Onion Dyeing-
As you can tell the colors all vary and are lighter in intensity than not.  The more onion peels included in the dye bath the darker the results.  I like doing multiple processes on fabrics so this light background is a perfect first stage.

I am currently poking around with a new color study.  Keep posted for more details to come-

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