Friday, August 20, 2010


Today we announced the Winner of Our recent Raffle- Miss Alessandra Merrill of Brooklyn, NY.  She posted a wonderful shot of her coaster on Facebook- If you missed it here it is:
See the behind the scenes and how to make the coaster here.

We will have another give away for September on our Facebook Fan site so please check it out and get your chance to win some fun things :)

Today I have been playing around with some supplies that I haven't addressed yet, and going threw the piles that may have been overlooked in my recent purges.  

 I have been making these hair clips that will be featured at the LA Craft Experience in Chinatown on Aug. 28th

I am still trying to figure out how I can just make what I want in small limited run batches and market things as ever changing, always new, and unique.  A different twist on the same subject matter and concept but a different outcome each time kinda thing.  I think Etsy is really good for this- problem is then I have to have room to keep stock in the house while it is listed.  

Maybe once all the space taken up by various "supplies" is swapped for finished products I won't care that I have to organize the stock at home... Let's see if I can get on that and make it happen!!!

Have an AMAZING weekend-

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