Thursday, August 19, 2010

Birthday Hangover...

I feel like I am in a total Birthday Hangover!  I went to Trader Joe's, and I am slowly getting all my thank-you's in order... I just don't want to do anyyyyyything :/

Maybe it was the In-N-Out yesterday that was my birthday gift to myself @ lunch...Good thing it was only just a grilled cheese- I don't think I could handle a burger any more.

I love this sewing book my Grandma sent me sorta for my birthday/mostly because she had to go back to her family home in Maine and found it.  This Complete Book of Sewing looks like it has never been cracked open even- the pages have crisp corners! I can not believe how pristine a book from 1943 could be used and kept up so nicely.
I didn't really get any pictures out last night for some unknown reason...  Here are the only one's I took of everyone having some fun-

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