Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Why You Should Buy Local Pt.2: SUPPORT YOUR COMMUNITY

Why You Should Buy Local Pt.2: SUPPORT YOUR COMMUNITY
I like being a part of these shows and fairs because I meet the most amazing people!  Kevin and I really get excited because we see our friends and make new ones each time to spend the weekend with.  Usually there is good music and beer- overall, it's a good time.  It is also totally cool to hearing the story behind the products and seeing first hand what people are creating within our community.

I purchased this awesome necklace from plastique which was a very big step for me.  I went over to their table after chatting them up in our booth and thought I was going to go buy the NYC skyline... For Once I pledged my loyalty to Los Angeles!!! It was the delicate Hollywood sign that got me ;)

I am in Love with it! I can't wear it out tonight for my Birthday :)

The second day started off with a bang at the Kauzbots Booth.  I love that the whole family can and wants to be involved!  Their daughters are super cute and it was inspiring to see the youngsters respond to their awesome robots.  They are the Robots with a heart because a portion of each one goes to various Kauzes. You can check what each color goes to and more info on their website. 

These 'lil scamps from the Kauzbots did a great job of promoting their amazing stuffed robots.
Another reason to enjoy these fun events is you never know who will be enjoying them too!  This weekend was the last weekend of the OC County Fair and Billy from ZZ Top just happen to need some shopping fun before hand- GO figure! You never know what fun and interesting members of the community will be out enjoying themselves.

Klara and Billy
I had a really fun time meeting Klara and Tyson of Maiden Voyage Clothing Co. this past weekend. If you haven't made up your weekend plans already you should head down to The OC Fairgrounds for the Threads Show to see them and other great vendors- AND SUPPORT LOCAL DESIGNERS AND YOUR COMMUNITY :)
We won't be vending, but hopefully attending.

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