Friday, August 27, 2010

Downtown Day

I had a wonderful Lunch Date with Sharon today downtown! I can't wait to tell everyone about some great things we are scheming together for everyone to look forward to ;)  

Today was my 1st time eating at Mendocino Farms.  It was one of the most amazing lunches and experience ever!!! Everyone was super awesome and they had a seasonal heirloom tomato BLT (mine was a VBLT- the Veggie Bacon was SUPERB!) and sooooo many other great items.  
*It is now the top of my list of Reasons/Thinkgs that make me Okay with Downtown LA 
***I told Sharon while I was taking this that it was my 1st Food Picture- You know those blogs and people who take a picture of everything they eat... This was just too gorgeous to not appreciate!!!***

On my way home I was listening to the greatest mixed CD EVER! Thoughtfully selected by my BFF Jessica. I don't know if it was all the great southern references or what- but I totally had to stop everything to bring home some Mountain Dew today.  LAME, but awesome at the same time.  If I could have grabbed some "Nabs" and jumped into the back of a pick-up it just may have felt like the summer of '96!   

I will have to bring some new memories to the good 'ol Mountain Dew with these Hilarious glasses Kevin and I found at the thrift store in Downtown Culver City last weekend.  They were in a set of 7... Guess one of the girls didn't make it in the set-

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