Monday, August 30, 2010


*NEW* phone and I've been trying to blog on it all day long...

Yesterday, Kevin and I got brand new Evo phnes! It's took just week on the waiting list to get our hands on them, and it will probably take twice as long to get used to using it. I thought I read the reviews enough to find some good apps but I think the whole thing is trial and error.  I have been trying all day to set up the social networking apps... Needless to say, I have not enjoyed any of the methods/ apps I have tried... and this short post is all the patience I have left.

This week will be more about figuring out this new technology, the tutorial tomorrow is on hold while I figure things out and hopefully get a chance to read all this awesome vampire reading that I have accumulated since my birthday.

I have my reservations about just changing my Facebook settings now that I didn't do anything but log in as the 1st step of setting up my phone (I didn't change the card or anything!) And the phone has AI enough to fill my contacts with more people than I could ever imagine to my phone if their number isn't listed as private on Facebook- spooky!

Thanks for understanding, and I can't wait to master this Evo and get even better info out on the go for Make Shop Live-

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