Thursday, July 1, 2010

Just Posted- Eclipse Lovers Unite

Just Posted- Eclipse Lovers Unite  :)  When I first got hurt and was home all summer, I started reading the Twilight books and got sucked in... Probably not a big news flash for all my friends and family who have to be a part of my obsession now too.  Anyway, I rushed out and started making these charm bracelets before Eclipse caught up and now I have some great one's for that Twi-hard in your life!  Just posted to Etsy are 2 new styles to check out-

Fortunately I was able to get some hand-carved wooden wolf charms before it got crazy big.  Now, I don't think the money is worth it to buy them and I damn sure cant carve them... So I am all sold out.  Should have kept those gold mines aside- shucks!

I'd like to think mine were better than the movie, personally.  I hope all the girls wearing them enjoyed the movie as much as I did ;)  I'll have to post my bracelets in action this weekend- I have a brass one and a silver one that I added a Guadalupe charm and a Peridot heart for my birthstone.

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