Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eclipse Lovers

Today has been my first day of having the car and driving for a while.  I try to seclude myself away unintentionally... It makes it harder when you have a single day of errands.  BUT, it has been perfect today! I am such a tv junkie that I think not listening to music like I did growing up or riding the train has slowly sucked the life out of me.  Even before at my old job; Music is the soundtrack for life.  The passion and realization behind an awesome power ballad when your sitting in traffic... It can change your whole mental outlook!

I'll admit, being a nerd at something is more rewarding than the bullies and haters... And jokes aside, I don't mind because I love it that much.  I am going to resist the urge to glue myself to the seats of the Theater this weekend when Kevin is away to Vegas. But as much as I am just a die hard Twi-hard, I am finding myself more to fall into the mega-dramatic romantic nerd that seems to love everything Vampires.  I loved the books, they sucked me in.  But, so did Charline Harris's...  And we have paid a friend off to have us over for True Blood since we don't have cable.  The icing hit me today when I realized if I don't stop referencing Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel my friends just might dump me for being lamo.  Everyone should witness the amazing character and story development from the genius Joss Whedon, does it make me super lame to share that too much- probably.  I think that is why Kevin and I get along so much.  I am a total tv head though- perfectly parallel to my movie aficionado husband.  I especially like how knowledgeable in science fiction that forces me to be however ;)  I like the deep moral connections with Twilight and the super intense decision making of Good and Evil in the Buffy/ Angel series.  I like romances, and action- It seems logical.  And, as a Christian woman I kinda feel like even though I give the topic a ton of attention; the balance of choices and decision making plots feel like you can insert a bit of moral undertone while not ruffling the majorities feathers and I like having a splash of morals in everything nowadays.  I have been waiting to see Edward  the gentleman stick up for Bella's soul.  What better fictional man to spend eternity with could you ever dream up???

With that said, Listening to the soundtrack (I know, I know...) I am sooooo in love with the song by Cee Lo Green, What Part of Forever- that I just can not get off repeat.  I feel like listening to it on repeat- I'm that girl... Has recharged me and made me so excited to just be doing whatever I am at that moment.  I'll have to get on one of those CD pen pal mixes.  It would be #1 on the mix at the moment.  You should check it out and let loose too :)

I posted some previous inventory of Twilight bracelets on Etsy today. I sold out of all the one's with hand carved wooden-wolf charms but there are some other styles still available.

****OMG on a side note, I really hope my therapist sees this as a romance novel quasi educational fiction reading hobby rather than those people poled on Facebook with an obsession.  I don't discriminate- I watched all of Battlestar Galaxtica including The Plan.  Its a storeytale thing more than a morbid obsession... I still remember my overbearing Grandma and the "Mummy" Story- I hope that never comes back to bite me twice!****

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