Friday, July 2, 2010

Busy Bee

This weekend Kevin is off to Vegas and I am super excited for some time to work this weekend for fun.  Sometimes a to-do list is a good thing when the items are things you enjoy doing-

Since Kevin has spread out a work area in the living room for all his projects he's been doing too, I thought I would get some progress shots before we clean it up for entertaining guests.

These flower earrings were a big hit at Unique LA and we are making all kinds of new combos for Renegade Los Angeles.  Next Up:  stamp the product stamps on the packaging and their done- 
Materials: Bottle Caps, Paper Flower Petals and Buttons with stitch detail.

 I had the bowl above sitting with the earrings and he asked me if I had made it too?  I made this bowl in High School from a sherbet container and sea shells from a discarded shell necklace.  I guess I should have known then that was my inner self showing what I wanted to do in life- ha! It dawned on me while I don't think its prolific as a new product, it's held up quite nicely and is a fun accent piece.

Close Up- Wish I had kept record of how many hot glue sticks I used to fossilize this thing!

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