Thursday, May 27, 2010

Chris Jordan and the Plastic Invasion

So one of the best parts of our Austin Trip was getting to see the exhibit Chris Jordan: Running the Numbers at the Austin Museum of Art.

I bought the book pictured bellow, and look forward to writing a couple of postings to illustrate as best as possibly why I LOVE Chris Jordan's photos!

Running the Numbers: An American Self-portrait

The picture above Plastic Bottles, 2007.  When studied super close is a sea of plastic bottles of all varieties.  It is a wonderful way to illustrate the choices and outcomes at hand. All of our choices add up together when it comes to the situation at hand, and I myself admit to have a weakness for buying drinks in plastic bottles when away from home.  I am anxious to figure out a way to empower the decision to resist plastic and disposable ways that our culture sees as essential. 

One great source for information and inspiration to cut yourself free from plastic is the Plastic Pollution Coalition.  My friend went to a great lecture and turned me on to their organization.  I love keeping up with them on Facebook, they post often and with a lot of great info!  Their mission is simple: 

"The Plastic Pollution Coalition was created with the vision of a world free of plastic pollution and of the toxic impacts of plastic on humans, the environment, wildlife and marine life."

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