Friday, May 28, 2010

Chris Jordan: Running the Numbers

Chris Jordan: Running the Numbers

Austin Museum of Art
May 22- August 15th 2010

 One thing I really liked about the AMoA is their use of Cell Phone Audio Guide.  I listend along with the piece while I was there, but I am sure you could even call and check out the prompts above.  I hate when a museum has a big exhibit and you have to pay for both admission to the exhibit as well as buying the audio tour.  This system was really helpful and who doesn't readily have a cell with them to utilize the great info?!?!

I won't be doing a play-by-play of the whole exhibit.  You should go and see it in person, or purchase the wonderful book that highlights all of his works featured in this show.  There are a ton of pieces that range from SUV sales to boob-jobs... it's out there if your interested.

Also, he is speaking on June 3rd at the George Washington Carver Museum details below:

One CRAZY thing I saw was that Working Class Studio from my Alma mater Savannah College of Art and Design feature several products from their line in the gift shop pictured below!

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