Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Books to Read: The "Inc. Books" by Chronicle Books

The first book in the Inc. series was Craft, Inc. back in 2007. It has since been updated in 2011 with all-new sections on opening an online shop, using social media strategically and new interviews. (I own the first edition- but I am guessing the new Revised Edition is mind-blowing!)

When I first got my hands on Craft, Inc. I really enjoyed what Meg Mateo Ilasco and Joy Deangdeelert Cho put together. They are able to illustrate clearly the steps you should take to turn your passions into what you do for income. Taking the transition from hobbyist to being a professional crafter is all spelled out in the pages of this helpful book.

Another hatch in the pro column - The books are published by Chronicle Books, a publishing house that has an indie feel with a lot of books and stationery from artists I really respond with. I feel like the books they put out are really creative and have stellar graphics too!

Like I said above, diving into the Inc. book series all started by me purchasing Craft Inc. by Meg Mateo Ilasco. Craft Inc. Turn Your Creative Hobby Into a Business was so influential and helpful in the early stages of me mapping out my dreams of Make. Shop. Live.! There are sections on products, production, and  pricing that will help you flesh out all the details that you know are helpful but seem to put off. And, the book includes a section on craft fair tips with a helpful check list as well as info for trade shows too!

I was so overjoyed by the book that when I saw the companion Business Planner for Craft Inc. I had to have it! I was super impressed when a companion Business Planner for Craft Inc. It has helpful worksheets and planning pages that you can work off of to have all the details you need for your creative business.

Wanna get hooked even harder? This promo video for the book is flipping AH-MAZING!

Of course I had to devour the Creative, Inc. book after loving the Craft Inc. set so much! This book is super helpful if you do more design and freelance work and I was totally enthralled with the confidence transferred just from opening up the pages. Seriously, I think these books could be endless reads - at every transitional point in your creative endeavor you can re-read them and get advice that just feels transcendent on your situation. All the books in the Inc. Series includes real-life advice from craft, freelance, and blogging superstars who give a helpful account of what they learned along the way and what has worked for them.

Each video gets me as inspired as the books do! I hope that if I ever have a book one day our promos will be half as engaging. Seriously rad-
I have been really impressed at how helpful the entire Inc. Series is! (There is also a Mom Inc. which I look forward to devouring along with mommy to-be books when the time comes)

With that being said, when I saw the video last week for the Blog Inc. book, I immediately purchased it with no hesitation!

Since I just purchased my copy of Blog Inc. I have not finished the whole thing. I'm very excited to get to read it and I am guessing I will read it at least twice. What's in store in the book? Helpful tips and personal accounts covering - blogging for passion, profit, and to create community. Being that I really enjoy this blog and the elements it brings within my artistic passion and discovery, this book feels like it was written just for me! The chance to curate a good blog has always been a dream of mine and I am really glad to have this book as a resource.

I strongly encourage picking up the series, but you won't go wrong picking up just one if you feel the topic is something you would like to work on in your business. These would also make a great Christmas gift to add to your list, or to gift to someone you know starting out (or maintaining) a creative business of their own. You can purchase Craft, Inc., Craft Inc. Business Planner, Creative, Inc., Mom Inc., and the new Blog Inc. from the links here. I get no revenue from you purchasing these books from any affiliates - I purchased all the books myself and found them to be invaluable.

We'd love to hear if the books were a big help to you too! Feel free to leave us comments if you are a fan as well.


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