Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How-To's Day: Old Book into Wall Art

For this week's How-To, we are sharing a quick transformation of any hardbound book into an origami-style wall art.  Really all we are doing is folding the pages in interesting ways and hanging it up open-faced.  The creativity is in the steps and rules you decide for moving through the book.  Come up with your own and let us know your methods!
A variety of creative directions you can go!

Below are the steps to create this book's design.

  • Hardbound Book
  • Plate Hanger (found at Craft or Home Stores)
  • Nail or hook for wall mounting

Plate Hanger supports and stretches the book open
Steps 2-5
  1. Choose a small book with thick pages, open it to the first page
  2. Fold the corners of the 2 pages inward to the spine, leaving a half inch in the center of each page unfolded.  This results in 4 triangle corners.  Keep this corner spacing consistent as you continue.
  3. Choose two diagonal corners to remain folded inward and leave the rest creased, but open.
  4. Join the two pages together.  They should fit flat with the corners flaring out.  
  5. Fold the next 3 pages in half inward to the spine.  This will create thickness at the base so the design won't get smashed together.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 until the last page.
  7. Hang the book up with a plate hanger attached to the back.
Enjoy the process.  You don't have to follow these steps, come up with new patterns of repetition! 
Check back every Tuesday for the How-To's Day demo to upcycle used items around your home.

--Kevin Sears

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