Thursday, August 30, 2012

We Found "New" Cool Vintage Stuff

We missed the boat going to Catalina Island for KC's birthday but thankfully the events led us down a road with a kick ass yard sale.  KC called me over to scour a box filled with slide carousels filled with pictures of landscapes and vacation photos. I have been looking at all of them finding my favorites for an upcoming project still in the works. Definitely something to do with lights, but not quite sure of the scale.

While we come up with a project to put these to good use check out some project ideas using slides from the web here.

Yesterday, KC took some time going to her favorite second-hand shops and found this shirt with a really great pattern:

Plus, she finally got me a typewriter for my studio!!!
The coolness  points she received with the typewriter wore off quickly when she noted that I should like the Boba Fett color palette - Nerd.

-- Kevin Sears

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