Thursday, August 16, 2012

If you go to Vancouver, go to Granville Market

Kevin here,

Recently I took a trip to Vancouver, British Columbia for a few days.  I was tipped off by previous Canadian travellers to make it a point of checking out Granville Island.  This is just a quick overview of some fun stuff anyone can enjoy there, especially people who love art and food!

Granville Island is across False Creek from downtown Vancouver.  It is an entire island of art, food, galleries, fresh markets, aquatic rentals, and it's only joined to the main land by a park!  Also, the topography is peppered by the Emily Carr University of Art and Design, which is a perfect location near artistic galleries and an active creative environment.  Seemingly more than just a tourist trap, I decided to spend much of my free time there.

Public Market
This building features the Organic Market and Food Vendors.  This is the reason you could spend a whole week on the island.  I arrived for breakfast and was overwhelmed with options.

all independent businesses, no big chains
hmmm fresh bagels, tomatoes, or chocolates....
I went for an authentic Canadian maple donut.  Ok.....2.
When I walked through the various craft businesses, I really got excited about the future of CRAFTED at the Port of Los Angeles.  There's range of unique mediums and a great sense of community here.  The mix of workshops and stores really made the whole atmosphere feel creative and involving.

It's like you are in Disneyland and every one of the facades actually had people in the windows creating.

I peaked in and saw various architecture models.  I totally geek'd out!

This shop lets you customize your own purchases.
After all my stories, KC is now daydreaming of an alternate Canadian life; studying at an Art and Design University a few steps from great breakfast options and future opportunities like these places:

If you ever want to take a sweet trip to Vancouver, I'm now one of the people telling everyone about awesome Granville Island.  If you have any suggestions or hot spots that I forgot, comment below!

Kevin Sears

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