Friday, July 6, 2012

What I Wore: Friday 7/6/12 & CRAFTED Links

Today will be my first Friday that I leave for the Port and can share my outfit. Yay! 

The necklace is from my dear friend and super talented designer KSaintP and the dress was purchased in NYC because I was a poor packer and didn't seem to bring enough casual clothes with me. Unfortunately it was from Forever :( I really try not to purchase new clothing, but once in a blue moon something catches my eye, or out of necessity I need to purchase it.  In the grand scheme of things I shouldn't be so hard on myself about getting something at the store, but there are so many factors that go into garment manufacturing that I try to find things that I am not the first time user.

Last week I wore this outfit which I could throw together and look presentable at a reasonable time. Last Friday we had to arrive really early to be there in time for the Good Day LA News taping and it was way too early for blogging. 

I am super excited for my weekend at CRAFTED at the Port of Los Angeles!!! It should be a great weekend :) In case you missed the Grand Opening last weekend, I have included some links to all the details and fun.
Link round-up all about CRAFTED:
LA Weekly
LA Times 
Hearts and Laserbeams
Daily Breeze 6/26/12
Daily Breeze 6/29/12 (I'm pictured on it!)
Curbed Los Angeles
Cruise Industry News
Travel Pulse

I am bringing a TON of supplies down to the Port. Stop by and see what mystery supplies I have that you can play with. ;)

I'll share details Live on Twitter @MakeShopLive and Instagram @MakeShopLive 

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