Friday, July 20, 2012

What I Wore: Friday 7/20/12

What do you think of this dress?

Can you believe it is actually a skirt that I have styled as a dress?

I found it thrift/ vintage shopping (I am not quite sure where. I want to say Jet Rag, but I am not 100%) and I feel in love with the pattern and colors instantly. It hit me at a place on my legs as a skirt that was a bit dumpy and unflattering and for whatever reason when I was fussing with it I decided to pull it up like a dress. Instant strapless dress! All it needs is a belt to help with the shape and voila!!

I am no longer married to the idea of only posting what I am wearing Friday for this post. I like to believe I dress cute in other days too and I am going to name this more of a "Best Of" each week. What do you think?  For this week it especially works because I am slammed today with work before getting to the Port. Today is going to be a very long day for me. I am not whining ;) Everything is all good, it is just jam packed with stuff going on.

First as you know we are open for business at CRAFTED. Also, some Fridays I have "office hours" while I am there to make sure from here on out we are on schedule for Christmas. It may seem silly, but when you are painstakingly making items all by hand you must plan a rigorous schedule so that we can:
A) Have the inventory we need.
B) Spread out physical tasks so my ailments don't interfere and I can treat my body nicely.
C) Not have a huge rush all at the end that tests my mental fortitude. One thing you may not know about me is I *HATE* being rushed completing tasks I had the foresight to plan for. 
Normally I try not to use ugly words like hate, but seriously staying up late for a deadline that you should have been prepared for just has me stewing.

After a full day working our shop at CRAFTED I am sticking around for a bit in San Pedro to see the "grunion run". The grunions lay their eggs on land and it only happens once a year. Based on the lunar cycle and the tides it was projected that yesterday and today is when these amazing fish will catch the tide to fertilize their eggs on the beach. Don't worry, they catch a wave back into the ocean so the whole process sounds really amazing. Pretty cool huh?!? Supposedly the beaches are covers with shiny, sparkly little fish.  I can't seem to find a flashlight, but I know where my camera is so I should at least get some good pictures of the grunions.

THEN, late tonight we are off to see The Dark Knight Rises with some friends. It will be a LONG day, but a good one :)  I hope you have a stunning day too and enjoy your weekend! If you find yourself free, come down and say "Hi"! We will be at the Port of LA at CRAFTED all weekend long!


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