Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Quick Tip: Citrus Vinegar DIY Drain Freshener

Today Sharon shares with us a quick tip for non-toxic household cleaning. Enjoy!

I was inspired by KC's citrus vinegar post to make my own. I'm a vinegar enthusiast. It's super versatile and I've been using it as my all-purpose household cleaner for a while now (I've completely given up on Alvin Corn... the alcohol does something weird with the air pressure in the bottle). So, adding the citrus element seems smart, especially since the vinegar scent needs something to take the edge off.

KC only used peels in her citrus vinegar, but I just dumped any old lime or lemon I squeezed right in
there and it's  worked fine. The large bottle of vodka in back is not for drinking but for making Febreeze. ;)

Well, my latest use is to start using the citrus vinegar to help clean my drain (my apartment was built in 1940 and garbage disposals were not standard). I dump a little bit of baking soda down the drain (it won't really go far, but will just sit on top of the mouth of it) and then slowly pour a bit of citrus vinegar until it's all gone. You will get a foaming reaction... just like the volcano science projects that use the same concept. I try to do this a couple times a month to keep things fresh.

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