Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Unique Find: Upcycled Skateboard Accessories

One of the best things about doing shows is all the wonderful vendors we are surrounded by! Some of them are our friends so it's great to catch up (like Maiden Voyage and Fruition) and others are fun discoveries (like this Otter Wax that I'm sure we'll be writing about later). This last weekend at Unique LA we came across a vendor doing some really rad stuff. As fate would have it he was just a few tables down from us.

Mukee is jewelry and belt buckles that were formerly skateboards. Upcycling +Jewlery= Make Shop Live Love! Designer Derek Keenan used to be in the Peace Corps in West Africa. He was inspired by locals who would not let anything go waste--tops of broken flip flops become muzzles for mules for instance. When he got back to the States he wondered how he could embrace that ingenuity and disdain for waste. And all those wrecked skateboards out there suddenly have a new life!

 *photos from Mukee's Etsy site

If you think abou it, skateboards are their own works of art and there's a lot of craftsmanship that goes into making them. It would be really heartbreaking if you couldn't rescue them from the trash heap.

I had to buy these guys... you like?

So cute! I'm in love with my purchase.
Did you find anything spectacular at Unique LA? Please share with us!


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