Thursday, May 17, 2012

Unique Find: Eco Resin

Hi Friends! Got another great find from Unique LA this past weekend. Get this, environmentally friendlier resin... I know! If you are a crafty, you know resin is one one of the nastiest things to deal with, not only because you have got to protect yourself from the chemicals when working with it, but also because those chemicals are no bueno for the earth.

We stumbled across this amazing new product when we were checking out the jewelry by Cast & Combed. Her booth caught our eye with it's funky and bright accessories, but we had to stop by when we saw the sign that said, "Made in LA with Eco Resin." Turns out, the eco resin is ALSO made in LA (double bonus for shopping local and sustainable). The stuff is made by Entropy Resins in Gardena, CA using sap. Genius! And like their website says, "There is no better chemist than Mother Nature." Agreed.

We hope to be trying this stuff out soon on upcoming projects. We're pumped to have found this great product. To see what it looks like fully finished, check out the Cast & Combed website.

Got a great eco-friendly craft product you are working with? Tell us about it and we'd love to review it (or you can too... we are totally open to guest bloggers)!


  1. I'm happy to see other people catching on to the eco-resin! Love all your blog post, so informative.

  2. Thanks Linz! :) We were pretty stoked when we found it!


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