Thursday, May 10, 2012

Compostable Trash Bags

I hate creating garbage and throwing away a bunch of trash encased in plastic just feels unsettling to me. Regular plastic bags can take 100 years to degrade.  I understand the need for regular trash bags for some things. One of those tips and tricks is using black lawn trash bags to keep light off uncured screens once screen printing emulsion has dried on them in a dark room. They keep light out so wonderfully there is really no other thing that could tackle the job of saving your screen while waiting to burn your image in it.  For everything else, I use compostable trash bags to dispose of our household trash.

There are some "drawbacks" to compostable trash bags when you compare them to something like a ForceFlex garbage bag; for instance they are very thin and are not as forgiving. They do not have fancy drawstrings, and you can't put liquids in them since they are more porous.  If your household accumulates a ton of trash the difference in cost for the compostable bags would really add up. While all these "drawbacks" are true, I think there is something to be said about making life choices that don't include preserving trash in plastic for years to come. Also, as you are utilizing choices that accumulate less trash you will have less need for so many voluminous trash bags.

Since there are no ties up top or anything like a lip to secure the bag, it will slide down (as shown right) if not secured with a very large rubber band. Give this idea a chance and feel better next time you drop the trash off in a compostable bag. Also pictured far right: Using compostable bags for recycling - seems more logical than wasting a plastic bag for recycling. Just a thought.

I have tried World Centric, If You Care, and Bio Bags. All of them will run you from $5 - $7 depending on where you purchase them. The main plus for Bio Bags over the other brands is each bag has four flaps that you can use to tie and secure the bag. Plus the bags are a fun green color :) Usually the World Centric is my bred and butter. Seriously they are all pretty comparable so you can't go wrong.

Live Green,

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