Saturday, February 11, 2012

What I Wore- Friday 2/10/12 (Local Love Set-Up)

Today I ventured downtown to the California Market Center for the Local Love show set-up.

I wore this fun 80's dress that has crazy big shoulders. Even better, it looks like separates but is all one piece. I feel like in its previous life someone wore it to work as their power b*ia outfit!  The top has a mix of grey and light blue that isn't reading as colorful as it is in person... oh well.

I started getting our table space together and I realized I left a box at home with a big portion of inventory I needed to figure out a layout for.  I snapped a quick in progress picture since I will have to do some beefing up tomorrow with the stuff I forgot-

It was really cool planing our table space at home because I could actually test things out and see the whole set up.  It was super helpful to strategize our game plan and make a to-do around where the holes. Once everything was spread out it makes that final stretch feel more attainable and helps you not to do wasted work when it really counts. It also really helped Kevin get pumped and add his touches even if it meant there was no where to walk in the living room-
Gypsy is pretty bummed she is missing the fun this weekend :( She made sure to inspect every aspect of the planning to put her stamp on everything.

We have a limited run of these bold, graphic, heart valentines. They are blank on the inside and come with a handmade map paper envelope. The envelope has an adhesive strip + label & the card has 8 hearts made from all kinds of sourced paper.  Each card has its "own story" and is unique in its heart paper patterns and colors.

Dang. It is way later than I had hoped and I need to get up early to get some small bills from the bank before the show.  I am super excited for tomorrow!!! Hope to see you there :)

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