Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Local Love- This Weekend!

 Come out and share the LOVE this weekend at the First Annual Local Love Event.  Info and details here.
See the little black squares on the right? We will be in the inside row :) We have a table space this time. 

I have been listening to music on repeat with my nose down- hustlin'. As they would say in Deadliest Catch (Yeah, I am really into D.C.- What?!?) its been a constant grind until I make my drop this weekend.  

Right now I feel like I am putting hearts on EVERYTHING! Which thankfully doesn't make them too seasonal, but I have my fingers crossed that the new Valentines for this season will go well. It is always tough as a crafter to make enough inventory for an event. You never want to have too little inventory but it stinks even more to make too much when there are other things you should be focusing on. It is different when you do a Trade Show where you are taking orders and then know what type of inventory to make. 

With that thought in mind, I am nervous about inventory for CRAFTED since I will have only 4 days each week to make new inventory to replenish after sales.  I need to keep up this momentum after the Local Love show and keep grinding to get a surplus of stock for our shop. Thankfully I do best on a deadline in a "make it work" situation. One things for sure- I definitely can't slack off!

These fun heart stickers were made today for this weekend. Gosh I love stickers!!!

Tomorrow I will be assembling valentines cards that go off the heart theme above. They are bold, graphic, and colorful- Just like me ;)

Anyway, come out to the Local Love Show, say hello and find some lovely ways to spread the love to your Valentine. Hope to see you there!
XOXO, KC & Kevin

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