Friday, January 6, 2012

What I Wore- Friday 1/6/12

I wore one of my favorite dresses, Navy & White striped with a great neckline- to meet with Alison and Rachel, the leading ladies of CRAFTED at the Port of Los Angeles. Alison has a sweet detached office that I could only dream of one day having! Plus, this super outdoor space I am posing in front of :)  To bad the fruit trees didn't make it into the photo, but they would have stolen the spotlight anyway.  I love all the citrus trees and her's were A+!!!

Anyway, I have now added some extra fixin's to my plate if you will, and I am happy to announce my ambassador involvements with CPLA. If you make something handmade and live within a 30 mile radius of LA; I am sure I will find you soon enough to share why you should be a part of this awesome endeavor. 

The Marketplace opens this summer and I am brewing over in anticipation of having our own mini-shop! Not having to tote everything back and forth/ doing the normal craft fair set-up & tear down is going to be so choice. I just want to jump for joy thinking about how after a long hard day I can just grab my purse, the cash box, and head home :) Well, there is tons more rumbling inside me but I will have to organize my 4 pages of notes and get everything all typed up to share.  

Keep posted for a post tomorrow (Saturday) for one of my new resolutions is to write a Haiku every day and compile a weekly recap.  It is actually been a great idea because it is a good formula to  keep the recap short and sweet.  Kinda like one of those one line a day diaries.

Kudos for getting through the first week of January!!! Now time to enjoy yourself ;)

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