Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What are your 2012 Goals?

One of my many goals is to read at least 1 book per month. 
 (I already surpassed my quota for January by getting sucked into the Hunger Games Trilogy. Soooo Good!)

A new year and a new set of goals is always invigorating.  I like the promise of all the wonderful goals to pump some life juice into my veins and give me that kick start into the year. So I ask you- Have you thought about things and goals you want for 2012?  What kind of things make the top of your list this year?

I have come up with a lose structure for my 2012 Goals and I am really looking forward to this year being the year I make do with my resolutions. At least sincerely try- lol. Here is a loose structure I am planning our business goals around, maybe they will be helpful for you too.

*New product goals- How many products do you want to release? When will they launch/ come out?

**Monetary goals- This one is hard, but having yearly goals as well as monthly goals are very important. What is realistic and what is your dream big scenario?

***Social media goals- Goals for fans/followers in 3-month goals on social media sites. 3-moths sound digestible. What are your thoughts, does 3-months sound doable?

*Marketing goals- I have been naive to neglect that people send out pitches to blogs and magazines every month. This needs to be at the top of my "scary but must-do" list of things to conquer. Maybe you can conquer this with me if it is on your list too ;)

**Wholesale goals- How many shops can I wholesale too and if more is needed how many stores shall we pitch to?

***Then a  BIG, The Sky is the Limit Goal for 2012!! What's your goal going to be? Ours is super exciting and a little nerve wracking, but we just got word that we are accepted into the Crafted at the port of Los Angeles Craft Market Place!!!
We are super elated about the market place and I am glad that my big goal for the year is something I am both excited for and confident in. Having a tangible "sky is the limit goal" to achieve is getting me hella pumped for 2012  :)
I would love to share details for you to make it a goal for yourself- shoot me an email and I can fully express why you should jump on board this great opportunity. OR or check out their Facebook for even more details.
    Well, good luck on all your goals this 2012! More soon.
    XOXO, KC

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