Monday, January 23, 2012

Rainy Days & Mondays

Happy Chinese New Year's Everyone!!! 

I have been working today on getting these paper hearts ready for tomorrows tutorial- 
My friend Sharon was telling me that the belief is: How you spend your day on Chinese New Year's = A reflection of the year to come...
I wonder what a rainy Los Angeles Day says about the year to come- My vote is for a rebirth kinda analogy for the weather today.

I happily got a ton done today :) 
I love rainy days!!! 

Thankfully we have a car that drives in all weather now so hearing the rain outside no longer brings stress and dred. It does mean extra time that Kevin and I get to spend together carpooling! I like the time we have digesting the day in the car.  Thank goodness for enjoying each others company!LOL

How did you spend your Chinese New Year? What do you think that the year to come has in store for you after today? Hope the Year of the Dragon is good to you :)

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