Monday, January 9, 2012

Coming Up this Week Jan. 9th- 15th

Today is Kristin's Birthday! She has a mutual friend from high school in town, and we all went out for lunch. A long lunch, shhhhh- don't tell the boss lady ;) Lol.

Anyway, it was a super good time getting to see Faith Anne since it has been close to a decade since we have seen each other. Where does the time go??

What to look forward to this week:
Tomorrow the Tutorial is making an index card calender/ diary for the year.  Yes, we are in week two for the year, but you are still in perfect time to make this project revolutionize your record keeping!

There is an info session for CRAFTED at the Port Of Los Angeles on Wednesday for potential vendors here in Culver City I hope to attend- I have to go down to the OC to get the FIT checked out since they do a 30-day check for their new cars- Hopefully it won't suck all the time from my day...
Also, there is a meeting for accepted vendors in San Pedro this Saturday that I am pretty stoked about. Hopefully I will be able to report back on the space :)

Thursday I have a phone interview to present some of our craft projects on TV which is totally exciting and nerve wracking.  I am glad that I will have over a month until tapping if everything goes well because I really want to come up with some fun projects for the show.  I will have more details after the call- wish me luck.

Speaking of luck, did you know that in 2011 there was only (1) Friday the 13th all year and this year in 2012 there are (3) Friday the 13ths? This Friday will be the first and while I am not overly superstitious I never look forward to them either.

More soon! Kevin and I are trying to rush off and see Drive at the ArcLight. We were bummed thinking we missed it, then tried to make it our double date last Saturday, then there were complications that had us pick another movie.  It has been on the top of everyone's must-lists so we can't let it vanish from the theater before seeing it! Have you seen it yet? We should swap stories after I get back!

Speaking of  things with Ryan Gosling have you seen the Feminist Ryan Gosling site? OR the Handmade Ryan Gosling site? BOTH ARE A MUST!!! TOO FUNNY :) 
Stop everything and check them out if you have missed it somehow. Seriously, you wont be disappointed...


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