Thursday, November 3, 2011

Productivity in Motion

I am going to make this a short post with pictures to illustrate my day(s).
Productive time is the best! Feeling a sense of accomplishment is such a great motivator.  Yesterday, I got the car worked on so I spend a ton of time looking at new products at whole foods and reading magazines outside soaking up some vitamin D.  I love that finally there are some breakthroughs in the way of green products/ environmental alternatives. Just researching things and seeing new ways of how people are innovating products gets me so stimulated. For instance, the below picture is a new detergent bottle that has a recycled paper shell and a "bladder bag" inside to save plastic waste.  How cool! It will be really neat to see how some of these innovations will hopefully become commonplace and things will become less wasteful.

The fruits and veggies are from the Farmers Market this past Tuesday. Thankfully I had all these goodies at home or I would have tried to buy WAY too much stuff while killing time at Whole Foods. When Alisa was in town I finally got a bag of popcorn from the vender who always seems so popular- as you can see I am hooked.  I don't know if they sprinkle legal crack on it  or what but I am addicted and find myself waiting until Tuesday to buy more.

What a lazy beast.  Why does she make me want to be a crazy cat lady on the internet???
Side Note: I know I was busy with other obligations yesterday, but Gypsy has no excuse and refuses to help pull her load of the work as seen above. 
This morning we had a larger order of Reinbeers placed and I was able to get them out early before my acupuncture appointment mid-morning. For the first time in a while I finally got some acupuncture and while I think it has helped some of the problems I have been having, my hand is still wicked painful- hence the more pictures/ short post. 
I have been working on the base layer of map paper on these rolls this afternoon.  There is a bit more work to come before they  make a  protective container/good holder for when customers buy our pincushion rings in person at the fairs.  
I will make sure to showcase some finished shots :) 
Well, off to take a hot shower and get a shoulder rub. Good Night-

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