Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Kinda Garden- First of November :)

Hope everyone is enjoying November! Can you believe it is here already??? I am off to hit up the Farmer's Market in my neighborhood- it is just across the street every Tuesday :)

Sometimes you get lucky and can come across some limes in the neighborhood here in Los Angeles.  Stumbling upon a fruit tree is my MO for "gardening" I buy local produce at  Farmer's markets and want to be a part of the slow food or local movement, but I need to work on my 'green thumb" majorly.

I have the worst timing when getting excited to try new things. I am dying to try my hand at gardening now, just in time for winter.  I feel so out of the loop with the weather being off here- I hope everyone is fending well with the snow back East/ all other locations that have general seasons, which we don't get here in SoCal.

Anyway, I am excited about this cat grass I blogged previously about here, is really amazing.  Even though I found out I actually killed a cactus this past week- can you believe I killed a cactus?!? How embarrassing.  I had it in a nook and must have been in denial about how much sun got that spot :(

This cat grass is going to be the start of a wonderful new hobby for me :) It is so easy even I am a pro at it.

Here is this awesome-ness! I am so surprised how luscious this pet grass came out- YAY!!! Maybe I can get a sweet garden like my buddies Klara and Tyson.  Here are their peppers and tomato plants:

Until I get a garden going, at least I have plenty of snails -

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