Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up & Coming Up This Week: 10/17-10/21

We had such a busy weekend this past weekend.  Yesterday was Kevin's birthday and we hosted a soiree at our apartment on Saturday.

The great thing about having everyone over is our place is super clean and organized now! Bonus!!! It was super nice to have chance to see everyone. Life gets hectic and with the upcoming Holiday Show season approaching this might be the last time we see people until some of the shows. 
Yesterday for his birthday, Kevin and I had a nice relaxing day celebrating and enjoying our super clean apartment and we watched our favorites on Netflix.  It was all in all a wonderful weekend :)

Today, I reorganized some items in our Etsy Shop & started up FREE Shipping as well as a Coupon Code for a Holiday discount.  I walked over to Office Max and got Reinbeer templates made since it seems my scanner is on the fritz. Between the computer time, and the errands I had a good early afternoon, but I still had a lot on my to-do list that will have to rollover into tomorrow.  
Once I got back , I busted out the Bernina and I started making new coaster sets. I am really hoping to get a bunch done on my sewing machine this week.

So excited to announce that I have found a self-growing plant kit that is super user friendly!
This Pet Grass Self-Grow Kit was totally an impulse buy last Thursday at PETCO.  I decided at under $5 it was worth the risk for me to not have it grow for me.
I planted it Friday and look what I discovered today- Huge sprouts!!! Yippee :)
Usually I have a "black thumb" and plants and I don't get along.  In fact the only time I have had success is when I sprouted an apple tree in my Grandma's houseplants.  I snuck a seed from my apple into a plant in the kitchen and when my Grandparents discovered it they transplanted it and eventually gave it a permanent home in their front lawn. Thank goodness my Grandpa is a Forrester because I had no idea you have to graft the trees to get apples.  I don't remember what they decided to graft "my tree" with but it isn't a big fruit producing tree. I was scouring my computer/ phone/ camera for the last picture I snapped of "my tree" when I went home but alas, I will have to keep looking.

Tomorrow the tutorial is a quick and helpful way to make circles with covered/ finished edges like this:

Also, Batman Arkham City comes out tomorrow... With Kevin distracted I will have more time to get some fun posts out this week ;)
Off to a late dinner- 

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