Sunday, November 6, 2011

Make Shop Live MIA from Patchwork Long Beach

Sorry guys, but today we are not going to be at 
Patchwork Indie Arts & Crafts Festival in Long Beach
Sunday 11/6/11.

I want to apologize if us not being there today effected you- Our Fans & Customers.  

When it rains the serpentine belt of our car slips off (Our car has no lip or anything to keep it in place and for some reason it gets knocked off in the rain) and then the steering gets locked up, the alternator goes, and we have to get a tow to get everything in place.  It is a huge pain in the butt to deal with  for something that should be a non-issue.  The mechanic has said he hasn't seen it on other models just our car :( Since the situation with the car is only a problem in the rain and it is SoCal, we had planned to hopefully purchase a car before it was an issue and that obviously didn't work out.

The weather was bad around when we would need to pack the car and get on the road and I felt I needed to make the decision for the day about whether to brave it. Even though it is nicer now, it looked like online like it will pick up later around the time when we would be driving back too. We never wanted to inconvenienced any of y'all and I hate that we may have kept a spot from someone... Gosh this post is making me feel even more horrible. I just wanted to vent my apologies because I have put in so much work and money into the show it is killing me not being there.

Please except our apologies for today and we promise, PROMISE that next week the Culver City Show is a definite!

XOXO, KC & Kevin

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