Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up & Coming Up this Week Oct. 31st- Nov.4th

Last night to kick of Halloween Kevin and I went to the LACMA to see the Tim Burton Exhibit. Even at 2AM it was super packed and we were really lucky to have gotten a chance to see it before the exhibit closes tonight.

I knew it was going to be crazy awesome, but I had no idea how large the body of work  in the exhibit was! It covered everything including sketches, videos, costumes, and massive amounts of detail/ back story on all the  work that goes into his movies.  Over all is was quite impressive and really motivating. Jessica my love, I am sorry you missed the Batman room-It had a Catwoman costume and an Edward scissor hand/ costume- it was sick. We totally hit it up twice ;) 

Now I am just kicking it into high gear for Patchwork Long Beach this Sunday. I have been trying to update the email newsletter and working on a Holiday Updates Edition to send out- If you are not on the Newsletter and want updates and insights, please take a quick second to sign up here or on the top left of the blog. 

Tomorrow for the tutorial  I am going to demo how to make this awesome Garland out of Soda and or Beer Cans.  People will second guess that you made this project yourself- the materials seem deceivingly industrial.  It looks way harder than it is with just some simple paper crafting tools. 

Also of interest, I have updated the projects under the "MAKE" tab and have been updating the calender and other important info today.

Wouldn't you know, I fold and put away everything nicely and this little tight spot searching trouble maker gets into it as soon as my back is turned... what a rascal!

Well, that's all for now. Hope Y'all have a Happy Halloween! 

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