Wednesday, October 5, 2011

AWESOME Mail Competition

Newspaper Taxi is having an amazing We LOVE Mail Competition that I had to share!

I am a mail freak!!! Sometimes I am on the fence about if I like receiving it way more than sending it, because I totally love getting together a good package :)  But, it is totally the greatest feeling when you get an unexpected letter or package. I am so grateful to my Grandma for inspiring me to be a life long mail enthusiast and devoted pen-pal.  I think it says something that I have a ton of friends who are thank-you note writers too. I think it says a lot about people who believe strongly in good old-fashioned mail.

Does anyone know how long it will take a letter to get to Australia?  I feel like I should get on this soon in order to win- and you know I play to win- lol. 

Today is the first rainy day in a long time here in Los Angeles.  Kevin took the bus since we have a car that doesn't do rain well :/ Alisa will work her way to me later and we are going to have a quite day hopefully.  I am hoping to still do a later post since it has been nice writing a post at night while Kevin catches up on "saving the universe" aka playing video games.

Hope the weather is better where you are ;) XOXO, KC

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