Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Newest Distractions- Say Hello to Gypsy!

Sometimes it seems that when I have the most to say, I go the longest from posting...

There has been so much going on that relaying it seems to be on the bottom of my to-do list.  I know this is an oversight on my planning and that the satisfaction I get from finding new and exciting things just has to be relayed for others to hopefully enjoy too.  I feel like this paradox is a place where a lot of creative types struggle.  Why talk about things when it holds you up from doing things???

My recent distraction is our new addition to the family- Gypsy :)
When I was off at the Culver City Art walk on 6/4/11 with my pal Sharon this little monster leaped from the bushes just after we crossed Venice Boulevard and we rescued her from the life of a "parking lot attendee" which it seems like she was for a good while.  I am not sure who would let this gorgeous creature go, but their loss is our gain!!!

She is so lovey and besides her late night energy fits and me letting her go to town on our wool rug she hasn't been much trouble at all.  I am sure in my saying this as soon as I leave to pick Kevin up from work she will turn into demon kitty... Let's hope not. 

Well, off to get Kevin :)

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