Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wedding Wednesday- Yet its Thursday

I know its really Thursday, but I wanted to get off an update on a project I wanted to try out.  I am not sure if this will be "Inspired By" Alessandra or if it will be an idea she will like to incorporate at her wedding- but once she told me her color pallet  (Navy with pale pink and green) I can not stop saving items that fit in the scheme some how.

I have been saving blue and green glass bottles.  My hopes are to glass etch an awesome design on them to either utilize them as awesome vases with beautiful pink flowers.  Or still using flowers- but with a number on them so that they are table numbers.

I was kinda reluctant to use glass etching. So I am testing out any product or paint that could possibly get the maximum style/ overall result.

After trying the glass paint first I can say that I don't really like it :( I used ~3 layers of paint on the little jar and the same across the Bawls label.  (Side Note: Kevin's brother sent him the energy drink for Christmas. It is a funny reminder of college and our late nights at Montgomery hall and all the computer boys-lol.  I am not sure what locations you can still get the Bawls from but you can purchase and ship online.) Anyway, I would really like to figure out how to remove the painted on label without using paint strippers or harsh chemicals.  I was hoping I could just cover it up because the bottle is actually super amazing! The color mixed with the raised dots would mix in with my idea perfectly.  
Please let me know if anyone has any suggestions for removal.
 As you can see the paint is not the same effect at all and not really what I was going for-

The glass etching cream is really amazing and I am super happy to have it added into my toolbox for later projects. I am planning on getting some more detail work going  for the designs, I just need some contact paper or some vinyl letters. I have been putting off doing errands and I should hopefully get some more supplies now that I have done these tests.
To the left I just spread the cream around the Heineken label to see if I could get a good even frost with the paste.  And then to the right I did some quick stripes with masking tape.  Overall I felt like I got pretty good first time results and it was super easy to use.

It is still a work in-progress. I am slowly trying to get this idea right, and test along the way. I never thought it could be true, but I am totally a process artist, and I love testing things to get them just right. It would be nice to figure out a sweet design that can hold some flowers at Unique LA while I am prototyping them for the wedding.  I think bringing in some flowers this year would be a really great addition to our booth.  I will have to put that on the list...

Usually I blog for our SCAD + Etsy = LOVE blog on Thursdays.  I need to get on that and get to my errands before traffic picks up for the day.


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