Monday, April 11, 2011

Coming Up This Week: April 11th-15th

This week is going to be a really busy one for me.  On Thursday I have a really big doctors appointment (To determine how my shoulder is after surgery) which is going to take up the whole day, so I am trying to take care of everything early on this week.  Tonight I will be video conferencing with the students at Biola who are helping with our PR campaign and I am really looking forward to hearing what they have come up with for us :)

This past weekend Kevin and I swapped tables from my studio into his and we have been both rearranging our work spaces.  It is a super lame time to be making more work for ourselves, but sometimes getting everything in order is helpful.  I have just a handful of days before I go home to North Carolina after Easter and I am stacking my tasks to the max before then. I am really glad to go home for a week and help my mom out some.  I promised I would go home in April and I am glad to keep that promise, but I feel like I am cutting it really close to Unique LA.  I will be out and off the blog from Monday the 25th- Wed. 4th while in North Carolina. There will be a quick update hopefully before Unique LA May 7th&8th.

Yesterday at the Unique LA vendor meeting I got super charged and excited for all of our last minute details.  When Sonja gave her presentation on how she was "Redefining "Indie" and Handmade" and creating a platform to bring the pride back to Made in America- I was totally enthralled. She really  connects the creative people of the community to all of it's members in a way that is exciting and enjoyable making it an event to look forward to.

I have to get ready for the evening Skype date-
Good Luck to Everyone this upcoming week!

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