Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How-To's Day: Make a KEY piece of Art- Sunprints

Did y'all get the clues yesterday to figure out what the project was today? SUNPRINTS! I had so much fun soaking up some vitamin D and making some amazing graphic pieces for our living room.  Usually people like to do ferns and leaves on Sunprints, which comes out really cool. There are endless possibilities for this medium to create some awesome pictures that are not just your average fern prints- Check out the Flickr Sunprint Community Here. 

I am a city girl at heart and while I like some natural elements inside, keys are the way to go for this project.I love all the different sizes, shapes, and hypothetical journeys I can imagine these keys had in the other life they led before they came into my possesion.

For this type of project the main thing you need is a Sunpint Kit.  You can find them also at some specialty stores too.  I had mine for a while (years actually) before I took this opportunity to utilize my kit and I was nervous that I could have exposed it by accident.  After using my kit with no problems, I realized I am so in love with this medium! I think I want to do a series of small items from around the studio... Hmmmmm. Note to sell for future to-do list ;)
Here is the supplies I used for the 6 exercises I created yesterday.  Kevin is going to make some this weekend to add to the collection and I am looking for some fun frames to display the series.

Once you have the kit all you need is some cardboard to put on the underside and whatever objects you decide to make a print of. The picture to the left is the first scattering of the keys at random.  The second picture is of the paper on the balcony exposing in the sun. It takes less than 5 minutes to get a great print.
The picture to the left is after pulling off the keys and plastic cover inside the house.  The keys are blue until you rinse for around a minute in the sink to set the print.  Once rinsed the picture looks light and more aqua than the blue it develops into.

Here are some of the other ones made.  Each one has a different concept on key layout and rules for the composition. 
I can't wait until we can make the rest of the paper this weekend! The kit comes with 15 sheets which is a fair amount to make a large series or to make something special for your friends and family as a housewarming gift. Once we make the 15 we are planning on hanging them on the wall in the living room between our two windows. It is a pretty large space so it works out nicely that the kit comes with a good amount of sheets ;)  We will make sure to have some sweet before and after shots on a later post of our living room makeover.

Hope y'all enjoy & are having a super day!

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